Thank you for visiting my site. My enjoyment of photography, in both film and digital, began long ago when I began to catalogue my adventures near and far, and I’ve always had a special interest in photographing people. In my photography, a lot has changed over the years, though no matter how my photography might change, one thing has held consistent over time: I am continually inspired by the ways photographs enrich and expand not only who we are as people, but our understanding of others as well. To photograph these often-times candid moments is to utilize a medium that becomes a swinging door to worlds inside and outside my own. My photography is first and foremost a means for sharing my subjective experiences as I travel back and forth through these worlds. My pursuit of connecting with new experiences, people and places, simultaneously challenges me to refine my photography in new, dynamic ways, while reminding me of the importance of carrying my camera humbly, with compassion and curiosity. For me, moments spent collecting light and shadow, are moments spent collecting the world. As I collect the world, I understand my place within it.

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